Diamond Information

A diamond in its raw uncut state can be shaped in many different ways, ultimately all with the same aim, to reflect the light and increase its natural beauty. For a diamond to reflect light it needs to have perfectly placed facets cut precisely in relation to one another. It is this precision and expert cutting that creates the brilliance and fire when light falls on the cut diamond, revealing its true exquisiteness and the reason why diamonds have such allure.

We’ve detailed some of the more popular diamond cuts to help you make a decision on the right shape for you.

Brilliant Diamond

The brilliant cut is by far the most popular choice making up the large majority of all diamond sales. It is the shape we more often associate with how a diamond should look. The round brilliant cut diamond displays the most sparkle and fire, thanks to its 360 degree symmetry and is the most optically brilliant of all the cuts.

Emerald Diamond

As one of the most classic diamond cuts, the Emerald cut is a simple rectangular shape with straight lines formed by step cuts and with each corner missing. However, as a result of the simple step cut facets, it is easier to spot larger inclusions so it is generally recommended that diamonds of this cut are higher clarity.

Asscher Diamond

The Asscher cut uses straight lines to form steps into the diamond and create its’ unique square shape. One of the defining features of this cut is its pavilion together with its flat edge corners that make it appear almost octagonal.

Pear Diamond

The Pear cut is a pretty teardrop shape achieved by using half Brilliant cut and half Marquise cut which creates a lovely symmetry of facets that reflect light evenly throughout the stone. Again this can be a very flattering and feminine shape to wear.

Heart Diamond

The heart shape has to be the most romantic of all the diamond cuts and due to the complexity of the cutting, does require highly skilled workmanship to achieve perfect symmetry. Once finished to this high quality, the result is stunning and the perfect symbol of love.

Princess Diamond

The Princess cut is the second most popular choice and is part Emerald with step cuts and part Brilliant cut with triangular facets. This square cut shaped diamond is perfect for those that want good light reflecting qualities with clean, straight geometric lines.

Marquise Diamond

This is an attractive oval shaped cut finished to a point at either end of the stone. Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, the long oval shape helps to give the impression of a much larger stone and helps to get the most from carat weight. This cut also gives a very flattering, elongated look when worn.

Oval Diamond

If you want the sparkle of a brilliant cut but want something a little more unusual, the Oval cut could be for you. It has the same rounded light reflection and similar optical brilliance but with elongated edges to give it the attractive oval shape.

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